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Mergers & Acquisitions

Aramar concentrates on the middle market, which has characteristics all its own. We utilize a proprietary approach designed for the sale of a middle-market company that optimizes results. Unlike larger investment banks, the middle market is our priority, not a default for junior personnel when things are slow. Unlike business brokers and small investment banks, on the other hand, we do not merely introduce a buyer and a seller, leaving both largely to their own devices to close a transaction.

Instead, Aramar assigns senior professionals to the execution of each assignment, not just for the sales call. We provide significant value-added services, such as analyzing profits to recast earnings, creating a high quality descriptive memorandum and live presentation outline to put the client in its best light; preparing management before and after buyer prospect meetings; negotiating each material aspect of a deal; working with the lawyers and accountants through the closing process; etc.

Our methodology is designed to individually tailor each contact we initiate. This enables us to elicit and promote the fit between our client and the party being contacted. We do not utilize unsolicited, impersonal, “blast” introductory e-mails, as other investment banks tend to do, so confidentiality is preserved, the marketing process is perceived as selective, buyer prospect concerns are preempted, and interest is piqued.

The entire process is geared toward the optimization of our clients' needs and objectives, rather than the typical investment banking approach of trying to close a deal too quickly and then move on to the next assignment. Our client references, when contrasted to those of our competitors, will confirm the adherence to and merits of this methodology.

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