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Results-oriented trusted advisor

Aramar Capital Group is a premier independent investment banking firm that provides sell-side advisory and strategic financing services to owners of privately-held, middle-market companies with enterprise values generally between $10 million and $250 million. Our focus and experience give us a deep understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges facing middle-market companies. We know what is required to propel each transaction across the finish line and our track record of success is proof. 

Unusually Strong Client Relationships

We bring to every engagement conflict-free thinking, stellar professionalism, unyielding ethics, a commitment to providing world-class representation, and a passion to succeed for our clients. It is this approach that has allowed us to establish immensely close relationships with our clients and become a highly trusted advisor to them.

Deep Network of Potential Buyers and Investors

Aramar has developed an extensive and proprietary base of strategic buyers, private equity groups, and family investment offices focused on investing in middle-market opportunities. We have direct access to decision makers. Our network allows us to deliver multiple options to our clients, optimize our negotiating leverage, and produce outcomes that far surpass their goals.

Commitment and Responsibility to Clients

The transactions we execute typically are the most critical professional and financial events our clients will experience. We understand the impact that our work can have on their businesses, legacies, personal lives, and future generations. Therefore, we accept a limited number of active projects at any one time to ensure that each client receives thoughtful, senior-level attention throughout the process. We see each deal through step-by-step from start to finish.

Reputational Integrity

Attention to detail, deep involvement, and careful preparation are the hallmarks of our approach. We actively manage every aspect of the process and leave nothing to chance. And we deliver. 

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