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2021 Q1 Report

Article: Are You Running an Analog Supply Chain for a Digital Economy?

2020 Q4 Report

Article: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects M&A Transaction Execution

2020 Q3 Report

Article: How are Private Businesses Transforming at a Speed-to-Build Value that Lasts?

2020 Q2 Report

Article: Shaping the New Normal – Changing Working Practices for Good

2020 Q1 Report

Article: Investment Opportunities in the Post-COVID Environment

2019 Q4 Report

Article: Turbulent Deal Market Conditions

2019 Q3 Report

Article: Five Ways Tariffs Are Impacting M&A Deals

2019 Q2 Report

Article: Four Ways a Board Drives Private Company Success

2019 Q1 Report

Article: Four Ways to Turn a Profit on Secondary Buyouts

2018 Q4 Report

Article: Six Strategies to Turn an Underperformer Into a "Muddler"

2018 Q3 Report

Article: Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPACs)

2018 Q2 Report

Article: Tax Reform Implications for M&A Transactions

2018 Q1 Report

Article: What Facebook’s Data Changes Mean for Middle-Market and PE Portfolio Companies

2017 Q4 Report

Article: Will Cryptocurrency Become Mainstream?

2017 Q3 Report

Article: The Advent of Family (Investment) Offices

2017 Q2 Report

Article: Cybersecurity Risks and Preventative Measures

2017 Q1 Report

Article: Five Reasons Why High-Growth Companies Stumble with Sales Tax

2016 Q4 Report

Article: Fraud Detection - Why, How, and When

2016 Q3 Report

Article: Taking Advantage of Valuation Discounts for Family-Controlled Businesses

2016 Q2 Report

Article: Equity Crowdfunding Finally Has Arrived

2016 Q1 Report

Article: Capital Gains Exclusion for Qualified Small Business Stock

2015 Q4 Report

Article: Enhancing Certainty to Close in M&A Transactions

2015 Q3 Report

Article: Selling Your Business – an Estate Planner’s Perspective

2015 Q2 Report

Article: The Cash King Is Dead. All Hail the New King: Debt

2015 Q1 Report

Article: Proposed IRS Regulation Reduces Cost Allocation Flexibility in Mergers and Acquisitions

2014 Q4 Report

Article: 2015 Starts With Record Profitability For Private Companies

2014 Q3 Report

Article: The Changing Landscape of Representations and Warranties Insurance

2014 Q2 Report

Article: United States Patent Law has Transitioned from First-to-Invent to First-to-File

2014 Q1 Report

Article: One Small Step for the SEC, One Giant Step for Equity Crowdfunding