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World class investment banking for the middle market 

Built on core principles

Aramar Capital Group was founded based on two key principles:


Owners of middle-market companies need and deserve the same high level of service and advice available to larger entities; such companies should have access to a first-class, full-service advisor and not be forced to choose only between working with unseasoned, junior professionals who lead an auto-pilot, teaser-based selling process, or business brokers.


Transactions for middle-market companies require a higher degree of “packaging” and marketing because of the greater risks and rewards inherent in smaller businesses; single items and events (e.g., customer or supplier disruption, IP and legal matters, management gaps and transitions, e-commerce and other marketplace changes, etc.) can have an outsized impact.


Since its founding in 2000, Aramar Capital has followed these two guiding principles to establish a proven track record of working closely with its clients, providing high-quality advice and execution, developing creative solutions, and delivering superior results.

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