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Results that exceed expectations

Realizing the goals of business owners

Aramar Capital Group, LLC is a boutique investment bank that focuses exclusively on providing sell-side advisory and strategic capital-raising services to privately-held, middle-market companies throughout North America.

Unique Perspective

In addition to deep investment banking experience, our professionals have entrepreneurial, managerial, and ownership experience, providing a "principal" perspective that sets us apart from investment banks that tend to act simply as "agents." We relate more closely to our clients' needs and provide more actionable advice.

Unbiased Counsel

We are an independent, employee-owned firm. Our only goal is meeting the needs of our clients. Our advice is not clouded by the inherent conflict of interests in potentially representing the prospective buyers and investors with which we are negotiating on behalf of our own clients. We win when our clients win.

Unparalleled Service

We provide middle-market clients with a premier level of service and substantial transactional experience traditionally available only to multi-billion-dollar corporations from major global investment banks. Our senior professionals are intimately involved in every aspect of a transaction from start to finish and available to our clients 24/7.

Unmatched Results

We have a long track record of exceeding our clients' expectations. We utilize a proprietary marketing process that is comprehensive and tailored to each buyer or investor candidate. This approach employs direct communication with decision makers rather than generic “teasers” and emails, and it maximizes confidentiality and transaction value. More importantly, we get our clients' deals across the finish line.

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